Nikkie Rudd

Founder of re:imagine

re:imagine is a perfect synergy for my passion and professional expertise: photography and digital marketing. I worked in different areas, but my career path always overlapped with photography and marketing.

At my final year of the bachelor degree I’ve opened a Sushi Restaurant in Birmingham, UK and apart strategic responsibilities I was doing photos for promotional materials and social media, as well as managing all social media accounts.

A few years after I was working in a global IT Consultancy as a Business Analyst in the UK. Nevertheless, I’ve escaped the corporate world after a while, that experience taught me to see how different businesses work and operate, how to adapt quickly for clients needs and manage business relationships. Also, at the same time I’ve started to travel more and created my Travel Blog on Instagram. I’ve learned everything about blogging photography and editing styles as well as everything about social media management and growth.


But the most important moment in my career was when I’ve joined one of the biggest Digital Marketing Agencies in London as a Digital Marketing Strategist. I managed delivery of Paid Ads Campaigns (£2-8 million budget) on multiple social media and digital marketing channels, there I’ve learned everything also about Social Media Advertising. On my spare time I was mastering my photography skills.

Overall, my entrepreneurial and corporate experiences gave me a lot of valuable analytical skills, a deep understanding that every business have different needs and how to successfully satisfy that needs. Every creative job I do whether for social media or photography I keep clients’ requirements and whats the most important clients’ business model in mind. Otherwise, if there is no alignment with business model and strategy there is no value for business and brand.

After moving to Switzerland I’ve decided to put my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit together and that’s how re:imagine was born - a content creation with your business model and marketing objectives in mind.


  • Aston University (UK) - BSc in Business Management and International Relations

  • Warwick Business School (UK) - MSc in IT Management and Digital Strategy

  • Numerous Digital Marketing and Photography Training online and offline.